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Helping Hand Program

Helping hands, is a program that keeps seniors and veterans pets in their home or cared for during emergency situations, including hospitalization. This service is done by donation only (both money or pet supplies). To date, we've been able to fulfill this mission without monetary donations. Our dream is to open "Paisley's Playground", which would be both a pet day time program, emergency boarding for the Helping Hands program, a senior citizens and veteran center. We wish to provide healing companionship for our beloved seniors and veterans (of any age) and indoor/outdoor exercise for all who attend. We pray to have enough senior/veterans attend that we can pair up a pet to volunteer so that the pets receive one on one care. We wish to steer clear of large groupings of dogs, to decrease injury or illness to both the pets and people, yet providing a loving, compassionate place for critters of all sizes can come, love and be loved.

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